Saturday, March 5, 2011

Throughout The Troubles both sides painted large murals on buildings. these are some murals from 'both sides' they are the Belfast ones,
 they are forever being changed and painted over with new ones being painted in their place, they are on almost every terrace end.
Political Murals of Belfast

Politics Meets Art in Belfast Murals
Murals of Belfast have in the past and still do create a sense belonging and identity for residents. However, not all such murals were designed to incite hatred or divide communities. Some show a more Celtic flair and inject colour into less established areas:
Colorful Cultural Murals in Belfast
Murals concerning the political polices of the USA and the war in Israel have been popular as well, because many Belfast residents feel they can relate to the violence in other countries:
Belfast Murals Concerning the USA, Palestine and Other Global Conflicts

Beflast Murals Painted Over with Neutral Colors or Advertisements

Soccer Players as the New Heroes of Belfast

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