Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bansky In Africa?!?

So i thought i would post some of bansky's new stuff,  he really got me into art, so i just wanted to post some of his new stuff, looks like hes hit Africa now!

he also has done alot in the middle east, i might post some of it, if i can find some decent pictures,

ill have some more crazier art in a while, and ill probably start up with the 'cool stuff from other countries' might start with Morocco stuff.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Just some more neat stuff.
Ill have a big review coming soon, 
crazy buildings?

ok, First real Post!

Ill get the ball rolling with a short review on lego art

Nathan Sawaya is an internationally known ex-lawyer professional Lego artist’s whose work has been featured throughout the world. Nathan Sawaya is perfectly willing to fulfill any commission you can think up of, and if custom ideas are slow, he has plenty of his own ideas to flesh out.
(Images via fivetakeawaysbrickartisttechlandreadymade)
Nathan Sawaya has made several portraits of himself (including a full-sized sculpture), and has even gotten a tattoo of the famous Lego indentations on his thumb; a fitting tribute to something that fueled his childhood imagination, and kept him employed as an adult.

This man is a genius!!

(Images via geeksugarbrickartistlatimesblogsflickriver)
Lego sculptures seem like a natural avenue for Lego art, but portraits are another of Nathan Sawaya’s secret weapons. Placing pieces in just the right order, he’s able to create realistic and artful portraits of anyone with incredible detail.

My first post :)

Well, ive finnaly done it and im about to set up a blog,
its going to be on my thoughts of the day, international news, politics, alternative theories and im a keen artist so probably some of that!

ill hear from ya soon!:D